the clothes pin thief

There I was, walking out into the yard to get the clothes off the line and low and behold the clothes were laying on the ground. Somebody had stolen my clothes pins. Now, at first I thought maybe the neighbors were short on funds and or fun and they came over like hillbilly ninjas and took them. So I took the clothes in the house and put the new load of wet clothes on the line.


Well, I got busy and forgot about the clothes, like old folk do, so by the time I went outside to get them, there they were, laid on the ground and the clothes pins gone. About a week went by and I had gone to the ‘dollar’ store and bought new clothes pins, ‘hell’ their only a dollar. But because somebody had stolen mine, I had to replace them. I went home and did a load of laundry. When they were done, I put them out side on the line with the new clothes pins I had just purchased at the dollar store. I looked around hoping to find this clothes pin thief.


Later I went out to retrieve the clothes and as I opened the door, there they were. Plucking the clothes pins off the line, one at a time and letting the clothes land smack dab on the ground. I scared them off as I walked out and noticed that the wooden part of the clothes pin were on the ground. It was the shiny metal them darn ‘crows’ were after. To fix the problem I had to paint all the clothes pins flat black and them there crows….never came back!


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