star seeds

Star Seeds

by Art~



Anna Belle Johnson was out at the river row hang out (where all the local teens go, out here in the country cause there ain’t no place else to go) and she brought with her, her cousin, Reginald. Seems like we gotta teach these city boys everything because he had never heard of ‘Star Seeds’. In fact we got into a heated argument about the fact that stars ‘do’ come from seeds.

We gave him a handful of these little brown star seeds and he still didn’t believe us. Anne Belle Johnson took her cousin out along the river’s edge and showed him how to sprinkle them out so that they will grow this summer. Some how most of us thought that maybe they was kissing cousins the way their lips kept finding each other in the dark.

We told ‘Reginald’ (Anne Belles cousin) to come back this July and he could see for himself that these seeds do turn into stars. Reginald said we were pulling his leg. We told ’em that it wasn’t us pulling on his leg, maybe it was Anne Belle. Charlie Horton even bet Reginald a case of lone star beer long necks that we were telling the truth.

Well summer finally got here and yep’ Reginald come down for a little summer visit. He and Anne Belle came down to the river row and they was wrapped together tighter than a Mexican burrito. Charlie asked Reginald if he brought the case of long necks and of course he forgot. I suppose his mind was on some other long neck.

It was already dark and that was about the time that the star seeds hatched. They started to rise, swirl in the air and crisscross each other in the night sky. Charlie Horton blared out, “See city slicker, pay up!” But even though they were right before his very eyes, Reginald would not accept the facts that these were star seeds. We had to hold Ole Charlie back from getting upset with Reginald when Reginald stated he wasn’t going to pay up.

“Those are nothing more than ‘Fire-Flies,'” Reginald blared out. We watched these stars for years circle around the horizon and then shoot straight up in the night sky and disappear in the heavens above so we knew what they were. City folk just have a hard time believing anything cause they get con’d all the time. As for us out here in the country, we know where stars come from, Star Seeds.


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