Forest in heaven

I was saddened when I heard Forest Gump died (He really hasn’t, it is part of the story) and Forest went to heaven of course. When he got to the pearly gates he met with Saint Peter who explained to Forest that he had to answer three questions in order to get into heaven. “Well, alright!” Forest replied.

“The first question is this,” Saint Peter began, “What are two days of the week that begin with the letter ”T’ and what are they?” Saint Peter asked.

“Thats easy,” Forest replied. “Two… today and tomorrow.” Forest answered.

“Saint Peter shook his head and said, “well, that is close enough and continued. “The second question is a bit harder so be prepared to do math,” Saint Peter stated.

“Well, alright,” Forest replied.

“The second question is this, how many seconds are in one year?” Saint Peter asked.

“That is easy,” Forest replied, “Twelve… ” Forest began, “January second, February second, March second…” and so on. Well Saint Peter shook his head and reluctantly accepted the answer.

“Okay Forest, here is the third and final question and you must get this one right, ready?” Saint Peter said.

“Yep,” Forest replied.

“What is Gods name?” Saint Peter asked.

“That is easy,” Forest replied with a big grin. “Andy, Gods name is Andy.”

Saint Peter could hardly believe his ears, “Forest how in the world do you figure Gods name is Andy?”

“Because,” Forest began, “We always sing to him at church. The song goes like this here… “

“Andy (and-he) walked with me… Andy (and-he) talked with me…”

“Andy gave us his only begotten son, amen.”


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