Moon Pie

My profession is a prison guard and one day I was at the prison commissary (store) getting a few things, when I spot that they have Moon Pies. I thought that it would be a special treat for my little girl so I purchased one banana Moon Pie and took it home.

That evening, after supper I pulled out the Moon Pie and gave it to her. She was very pleased and tore into the wrapper. Being 7 years old, in her cutest possible way, she asked, “Do they come from the Moon!”

“Yep, they sure do!” I replied and my wife nearly pokes me in the arm and tells me not to be telling her that, so I merely state that I got it from work. My little girl knows I work at a prison. She took a few bites and loved the Moon Pie. I watched her enjoying the marshmellow treat when I saw the strangest look come across her face.

You could tell she was wrestling with a mental thought when she looked at me  and asked, “They have prisoners on the moon?” I died laughing and shook my head ‘yes.’ My wife scolded me for telling her that and once again blurted out, “don’t tell her that.” It took me a couple hours to correct my mistake and convince her that their was nobody on the moon and that the Moon Pies were made on earth.


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