fishing with scooby-do

Fishing with Scooby Do
The jig is up
the fishing’s down
nine men sitting
all around

I walked up
and said, “How do?”
then began fishing
with my Scooby-do

Knee slappin’ laughs
and breathless gasps
as I continued
to reel and cast

“Ain’t that for kids”
one bloke bloked
“My young’uns got one”
another joked.

It was two foot long
old, not new
kid color purple
and Scooby-do

Then the pole bent
all eyes were glue
the line jerked more
splashing water strew

“Lucky” they said
till my stringer grew
catching more fish
with my Scooby-do

“What kinda lure
you got there,”
I just smiled
casting thru the air

Ten men fishing
but I was the only one
who caught fish
when the day was done

I went fishing
the very next day
I didn’t receive
any wordy play

Every one had
fishing poles new
yep, they were fishing
with Scooby-dos

…and Snoopys too!

(This poem was created when the crappie (fish) were running and my other two rod and reels were not working correctly so I borrowed my sons scooby-do rod and reel in order to get in on the crappie run, and yes I caught a mess of fish while others sat in awe!)


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