The Bait Robber


Under the water went the bobber.
Probably another bait robber.

Jerk my fishing pole…another bait stole.
Reel in my line…for the one hundreth time.
I put on another bait…and the cast was great.

I watched my line…”Going to get you this time.”

The cork went down again…back up, so I reel in.
“Is there one smart fish…thats doing this?”
Baited again…so I cast my line in.

As I await…my bobbers fate.
The bobber danced around…then it went down.
I pulled on my pole…another bait was stole.

Down in my soul… I thought this was getting old.

Baited again…and cast my line in.
I sit and watch…as my cork is but a blotch.
Then it disapears…then back up comes the sphere.

A little frustrated…I reel in and rebaited.
I’ll keep going on…till this last bait is gone.
This must be a sign…as I cast in my line.

Again my bobber…floats on the water.
Then it submerged…Again it emerged.
Its getting late…and I have no more bait.

Put away my pole and bobber…
The winner is the “Bait robber.”

by Art~


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