Smell the Time


I had to share this. Last night my wife came in and was telling me about her day. She is a chef (and I mean a really good cook too!) when she was telling me how she was at work, in the kitchen and was going through the cabinets/shelves and stated to her employer that, “she couldn’t find the time.”

“Where has the time gone,” He teased as they searched.

“Oh no, the time is gone.”

“The time is not gone, it is misplaced.”

“Well, I have to find the time.”

Well, they finally found the time. She then tells me, she got time up her nose. Yep, you heard me right, she got time up her nose. She was at home looking at me and told me she could still ‘SMELL THE TIME.” Apparently, she was working with the powder form of thyme (the spice) and got some up her nose. I of course had never heard of anyone smelling time before and found it humorous. Humorous enough to include it on this blog, because I am always…….  fishin for chuckles.




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