creature in the pit

Since I was young, I learned how it is done.

The low rumble growl, means feeding times now.

I’ve never seen it, the Creature in the Pit.

But there’s no mistaking, the tummies aching,

When the creature gets hungry, feed it something.

I’ve heard it get loud, with its deep down growl,

I often wonder what this Creature is like,
is it little or big or an awful sight.

I carry it in me, and it I can’t see.

But I can hear it, when its hungry and throws a fit.

The rumbling growl deep in my stomach,
from this strange, ‘Creature in the Pit.’


4 responses to “creature in the pit

  1. Hmm….
    Made me think. I wonder what kind of creature you are writing about. Just reading your poem makes me feel that it is something bad, a horror from inside. Then you have that funny pic, and it makes me feel that it is something coming from a child. The poem and the pic does not fit together, if you ask me, but that is just me understanding thing my own may. I love your poem!
    Thanks for sharing, and keep up the great work!

    • hey Magdalena

      thanks for the comment! The creature is actually ‘hunger’ the rumbling deep down in the tummy when hunger growls and says, “feed me!” (grin)

      Have a quality day! (~_*)

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