They killed Ole’ Betsy

They killed Ole Betsy

like to bask in the sun
she was very, very old
and didn’t hardly run…

…any more!

a solid part of our community
I waved at her almost, daily

till this morning
she wasn’t there
I didn’t fret
cause I have missed her
a few times this year

till I saw Mrs. Johnson
wearing a string of tears

“They killed Ole Betsy yesterday”
she exclaimed
wobbling in her old
and frail ‘body’ frame

I saw red
anger over took me
“Who killed her!”
I began questioning

Some hunters
come up from the big city
for the weekend
the opening of hunting season

It was mid afternoon
three city slickers were joy riding
they came around the bend
saw ole Betsy
and shot her dead

They went to town bragging
that ‘they had done a great deed’
some one called the police,

they were not arrested
they were given a fine, a ticket!
their guns taken away
they won’t be allowed to hunt
for 3 years, they say!

It really just jerks my chain
those who can not refrain
when a gun is put in their hand
shooting every thing on water or land

including Ole Betsy
the 11 foot ‘local’ Alligator
that kept to herself
most of the time

I use to toss her whole chickens
swallowed in one gulp
she would wink a ‘thank you’
yes, she was old
and`didn’t have many teeth left anyway

…they killed Ole Betsy, yesterday!

by Art~


(this poem inspired by true events)

extra large luggage for long trips guaranteed to ward of thieves…

knock, knock, anybody home!

who says alligators don’t make good pets?




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