~King of the Pine~

A tall pine tree
full of moss and vine
leaves were sent sailing
I saw tree bark fly

a small black bird
with squawking loud calls

it seemed to be angry

and ready for a brawl
Scampers a squirrel
in a ring around the rosy
spiral ascent
around the tree it mosey’d

The black bird dove
with Kamikaze dives,
pecking and striking at
a fluffy squirrel’s cries

In snickering taunts
it flicked its tail
hop, spring, then leap
from a tree limb it sailed

Pine cones fell

like hand-grenades,
pines needles dropped

from their little play
where ever the black bird

would leap and land
the squirrel

would shake that limb

A squawk and flapping
then another dive,
tiny talons grasp

a busy tail flys

The squirrel was tag teamed
by its enemies,
a black bird
and gravity


by Art~


why can’t we be friends!

(sounds like a song)

they say anger will burn you…

King of the Twine…

I meant


King of the Pine



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