ridin’ high


Guns a blazin once again.
Chasing down those lootin’ Injins’.

Saving the world on a trusty steed,
aganst bandits and bank robbers who stole for greed.

Reliving those old cowboy days.
Like Billy the Kid and Black Hat Hayes.

Being a cowboy and singing their songs.
Acting like the sheriff who defends the wronged.

Ridin’ high in the saddle on a pure white horse.
Always the hero, but of course.

Holding tightly with a hand full of reigns.
Being the infamous Jessie James.

Then the horse slows to a stop.
Put a quarter in the machine’s slot.

Back to saving the world again.
On the Stallion known as a friend.

Life is exciting never a bore.
While riding the horse, in front of the store.


by Art~



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