raging bull

A few years ago, I was working night patrol for the Sheriff’s Department when I received a call from the dispatcher: a cow was reported on the highway east of town. The usual thing in this case was to find the livestock, open the nearest gate, shoo the animal in, and take note of the brand so the owner could be notified of his lost animal.

A common trick here is to get  a bucket, place a handful of pepples in the bucket and rattle the bucket. Depending on how the cow is fed, many times they believe you have a bucket of oats and will follow you any where.

When I went out, I soon came to the “cow.” It was more like an elephant caught in my headlights, it was a huge bull walking right down the centerline of the highway as if it owned the road. Luckily there was no traffic, so I drove up on his left side and began to crowd him off the road. When I finally got him to the edge of the pavement, he stopped and looked back at me. His eyes were as big as tennis balls and his horns were 3 1/2 feet from tip to tip. When he snorted, it fogged up my windshield. And all I could see out the passenger side of the car was cowhide! I wasn’t about to open a gate and shoo him in anywhere. With one last look at me, the bull started ambling down the highway again.

A couple of minutes later car lights appeared in the east. It was the bull’s owner. As he got out of the car, I started to warn him about the danger of this raging bull. Before I could, he walked right up and punched it between the eyes. A thought crossed my mind, “What will I tell his widow?” But instead of charging, the bull bellowed and began licking the rancher, who began talking to the bull. He twisted the bull’s ears and roughhoused with him playfully. The pair finally started down the roadside ditch to a nearby gate. Soon the bull was safely inside the fence.

The rancher came up to my car with a grin. “Scared you, didn’t he? That bull is gentle as a kitten, just don’t crowd him. He’s got a girlfriend down the road and once in a while he gets romantic. He usually comes home on his own.”

I did report that the bull was penned, but left out the part the rancher played. Nuff said.



….have a quality day…


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