my uncles donkey

If you haven’t read, Peanut the Beer drinking Donkey

It is true, my Uncle had a donkey. He acquired it, and kept it outside like a big yard dog. It liked to be scratched between the ears and it loved to drink beer. Always wondering around the yard waiting on beer thirty.

My wife said that the blog/post, Peanut the Beer Drinking Donkey, was a cute story but it didn’t highlight Peanuts qualities. I was going through some of my old writes the other day and came across this poem about peanut and thought I’d add it to this blog. I hope you enjoy it.


My Uncle had a donkey,
that was known to drool,

Big and stocky
that he named Peanut.

But bless his heart…
that donkey could fart.

We would call him a Jack ass
every time that donkey passed gas.

Now pulling wagons was his job.
Peanut’s head would bob and bob.

But when he farted, Oh My god.
My eyes would water and I’d almost sob.

We fed him gas-ex
just for a test. ……………..(not really)

But nothing helped when…
that donkey passed wind.

Another quality this donkey possesed
he loved a hat full of beer for drinking

how did this donkey get its name
what goes better with beer than peanuts

Peanut is a good name, but some times I’m thinking…
they should have named him, always stinking!


by Art~


donkey chuckles


…don’t be an ass,

just be as hard headed as a mule…


2 responses to “my uncles donkey

  1. Morning Art. I’ve never been able to make the distinction until after the fact. I’ve spent my entire life being that donkey up in the air in front of the cart. Tricky business and a tough gig, say, when you’re piloting an an aircraft. Great day to you amigo. Jules

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