Cow Tipping

Cow Tipping? Really?

You know as well as I do that as soon as this got out there were all these college kids and youths along with drunken rednecks trying their hand at this. I happen to of talked with a bright young man today, who told his story of how he nd his friends went ‘Cow Tipping.” My first response was, “didn’t you think, you might hurt the cow?”

“Naw, their big enough to take it,” was his reply. But this is what he told me. They went out into this field and looked for a cow that was sleeping. (First of all this is tresspassing) Well that turned out to be a tad bit harder than one might imagine. Cows actually don’t sleep that soundly. Every time they walked up to a cow it sprang away. I told him that perhaps the cow thought they were ghost or something. (second of all, can you imagine a herd of drunk folk walking through a field full of cow patties with flashlights. Probably looked like alien invaders to the cows)

Well, when they finally were able to close in on a cow and they all put their hands on the cow for a push, the cow hauled ass and stepped on one guys foot. They had to take him to the hospital because it had broke four out of five toes. Of course when they got to the hospital smelling like a brewery the law was notified. Then they had to explain how the guy got his toes broke and after the officer received four different stories the truth came out. Well they then received a fine or endangerment to an animal and tresspassing. (I told ya so!)

So, the cost of cow tipping these days ran well into the thousands of dollars. I think I can find a lot cheaper hobby to get into … like writing about those who go out and make fools of themselves (grinin) I wonder if they ever thought about all those cows that are laying down on the ground in a field as you drive along the highway. Yet, they believe cows sleep standing up?

I use the cows laying down theory to tell rather the fish were biting or not. If the cows are laying down the fish aren’t biting. It has to do with the moon’s phase and the active times for animal movement. I just know it is a good rule to go by.

so, maybe cow tipping is a way to make the fish bite?


Here are some facts I found on these subjects…

Fish bite if cows are standing but do not bite if they are laying down!

One of the local old timers told me a story today about the correlation between barometric pressure and “cow” feeding/grazing patterns. According to my local guy, the cows gaze and feed more aggresively at the same time at which the catfish are feeding more aggresively. So I looked up some information on cow eating etc. To make a long (and boring) story short, Cow digestion produces alot of methane gas from the digestion of cellulose. Now if barometric pressure affects the volume of a gas, higher pressure=smaller volume and vis-vera at the same temperature, then it would seem like during high pressure atmospheric conditions the volume of the gas in a cow’s gut would be smaller. The smaller volume of gas would allow for more room for more food intake and the cow’s would eat more.But most fisherman observe than falling barometric pressures produce the best fishing. Anybody know anything about this cow grazing and fish biting thing? anybody have any ideas?
Cow Tipping Facts

Summary of eRumor:
The most commonly told cow tipping story involves a group of college students who got drunk one night, went out to a cow pasture, and teamed up to topple sleeping cows by sneaking up on them and giving them a surprise push.  The story is usually told as documentation of the fact that cow tipping really exists.  There are also people who swear that cow tipping was a form of recreation on their farm or in their community, although they never personally participated in it.

The Truth:
Cow tipping is the kind of topic that comes up when there isn’t much else to talk about.   When it does, there is frequently dispute between those who believe cow tipping is real and has happened, and those who say it’s nonsense.

The folks at have been looking into cow tipping since the first time it was brought to our attention in the early 1980’s.  Although there is occasionally someone who swears to have participated in it or seen it, we have not found any credible evidence that it exists.  

Further, the cow experts we’ve checked with say that although it’s possible that somebody somewhere has toppled a cow, especially a young one, the logistics of cow tipping argue against it being a routine occurrence.  Adult cows weigh several hundred pounds and are built low to the ground.  They have a low center of gravity.  Pushing one of them over would take a lot of muscle power.  That’s if you could get near enough to pull it off.  

Rich Buhler, the founder of, is from cattle country in Arizona and says that even though cows have the reputation of being slow, they are actually very aware and very smart and and that it would be tough for someone to sneak up on one, especially at night.  He also says that cows do not sleep standing up.  

Sara Brantmeier, editor of America’s largest dairy industry magazine, told the Charleston Gazette in June, 2001, that cow tipping is a myth and the whole idea is stupid, but humorous. contacted her and she confirmed that cows do not sleep while standing up and she’s never known of any authentic cow tipping.


have a ‘Cowabunga’ day!



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