trailer park trash

Here’s a poem I found. I had to blow the dust off this one. I remember when I first posted poems on the Internet, I had written some poems with what would be called country charm where I’m from but some body commented that I must live in a trailer park, which fueled the mind to create this little ‘dilly.’

I found some pics to go with this lil’ poem and the last one says it all. “Cuz not everybody lives in da hood.” Or, Park Avenue for that matter. It takes all kinds to make this world go round, or actually the world goes around no matter what, but versatility is what makes it colorful.

Rather than get all bent out of shape from this person’s comment, I took it and made a cute lil’ poem. Remember if life gives you lemons… pucker up! (grinin)


Trailer park trash?
I think not
I cleaned everything …

…out to the parking lot.

The flamingos
that had leaned over all year,
well I straightened them up
and picked up those empty cans of beer.

I’ll have you know
that Mr. Springer
said my trailer was a hum-dinger.
Back when we were on his show,
when I caught my wife with her brother, Joe.

I even bought new chairs
those lawn chairs were on sale in pairs,
sure they look a little ruff
I bought them at, “Rent a dent and stuff.”

Trailer park trash indeed…please!
I don’t even live in a trailer park,
I got mine parked
at the five and dime parking lot.
Yeah, in the summer its a bit hot.
But my wife ain’t missed a sale yet,
and easy parkings a sure bet.

I lived in a trailer park before,
where those trailers are parked
almost door to door.
And you can hear your neighbor snore.
Not me, huh uh, not no more.
Bought myself a four by four,
now I pull my trailer, forevermore.

As I stand here and scratch my ass,
You can’t call me trailer park trash?



have a ‘GOOD’ day


2 responses to “trailer park trash

  1. LOL OK, I started to read your “Vixen Planet” post and got distracted by a comment on this one, that showed the title. I work in the ‘trailer park” business and everyone I work with would get such a hoot out of this. In fact, I was just in Vegas for a tradeshow for the manufactured housing industry (the Politically Correct term 😉 ). The booth next to us had a blow up of that trailer building you have posted. SO funny.

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