Fish Warrior

I have a scanner that I was going to hook up yesterday, Saturday, so I can place some of my OWN art work on my blogs; Fishin for Chuckles and zendictive. Then there was a knock on the door. A good friend of mine and co-worker stopped by and said, ‘Hey, you wanta go fishing?”

Well. that’s like asking a kid if he wants to go to Dairy Queen, “Sure!” Of course we only have to walk into my back yard, where the river is and started throwing out our lines. We caught some whopping 3 inchers, no bigger than a minute. But, there were 7 keepers for the morning, total. Not, bad, it made a bag of fillets.

Ole Jerry’s a character to say the least, and a delight to fish with. We talked about work, life and liberty… (where has that gone). Told a joke or two, and fished. Well that means I have to tell you about the alligator.

Last year we were fishing the pond out at the prison (I call it the ten acre pond) a reservoir that holds water for the farm fields/crops. It has been there nearly forty years and holds some large bass, catfish and crappie. I had snagged a bass. A really big fish, there are three alligators that swim freely in this pond. I assume they keep them there to keep the inmates from thinking about using the pond for an escape; in any way, shape or form.

I am reeling this big bass in and this alligator comes over for a closer look. Probably about, 70 yards out. I get this fish hung up in the under water moss and vegetation. Well I really want this fish, so I proceed to wade out into the water, knee deep and try and get this fish. I tell ole’ Jerry, “Let me know if that gator gets closer.” No sooner do I say that and Jerry tells me this gator’s coming closer.

I tell him, “I’ll fight that gator for this fish and wade out even farther. Waist deep in the water, Jerry tells me that the gator went under water. Can’t be seen any more. I reach out and pull the fish free from the weeds and walk back to shore, not knowing where this gator went. But, I caught an 8 pound bass and didn’t get eaten by a curious alligator. If I can get this scanner working I’ll post a picture of it here. Jerry has bobbers where the alligator actually came and took a taste of it, then spit it out.

After Jerry left yesterday, I go inside and clean the fish. The wife and I were watching the new show, “Fish Warrior,’ this guy is from Czech… and goes around catching the worlds biggest fresh water fish. He caught a 200 pound catfish which was impressive but then he sticks his hand in the catfishes mouth, down its throat and pulls out what it has been eating. WHAT THE? It eats fish! There’s being scientific then there is being; an idgit. (idgit; not quite an idiot but not fully grow’d mentally)

 They then showed where this ‘Fish Warrior’ came to the Trinity river and caught alligator gar. I swear it looked like they passed me and Jerry up in their boat, on T.V. They even use a lasso to bring the Gar into the boat, yep, they call it Texas fishing.

Well, that was my Saturday. The wife got on the computer, I laid down on the couch and believe it or not, I slept 4 hours. Wow, I never do that. I suppose the work load and stress as been great lately (fishing is hard work )and I needed the extra zone time. But, thanks to Ole Jerry, I got a bounty of fish to add to the freezer. And there is a new saturday fishing show, Fish Warrior.


here he is on the Trinity river with his alligator gar



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