what’s up

(I haven’t seen one of these yet)

 I could just see it now, an old granny in a ‘souped-up’ mustang reaving her engine waiting for the hour glass to fill up in the bottom half. Or somebody driving through the light saying, “But officer there was clearly two or three strands of red left when I began to go through the light.

I’m curious as to how much they cost? I like the look and yep, it’s cool but how many ‘quota’ tickets will be passed out to pay for this. I see it is in a city and the last time I checked, citizens pay for all signs and highway accesories. I live in the country where we still use four way stop signs. A traffic jam consist of five cars waiting on a five minute train to go by at the local train RxR (rail road crossing)


saving energy is another way of saying, don’t give the electric companys any more money than you have to. I was driving through the big shitty ‘(city) the other day and the whole dad’gum downtown was lit up like a christmas tree in july. So, were saving energy so big corps and have it? I’m all for saving the planet and lowering my light bill but don’t touch my bulb (grin) my wife takes care of turning me on and …well, we’ll leave it at that (grin)




I can just see women making extra money on the subway or transit. You would probably see women fighting for pole rights like that you-tube clip of those hookers fighting over a street corner. or client. Perhaps that is why they don’t allow pole dancers on the transit.


reminds me of that episode of ‘two and half men’ where Allen keeps texting Charlie’s fiance while Charlies’ trying to get intimate and the funny thing is, she keeps answering the text. Just ignore it or throw it in the drawer (grin) and then….let your fingers do the walking.

(what can I say)

wow, this is an awesome Idea!

I saw where they had a variety of different layouts, but this one showed how it works the others just showed the finished product and you wouldn’t bellieve that what your seeing is not what your seeing. They had boats, fine cars, motorcycles and more. How about making one with….POLE dancers (grin)

(yeah right!)

Why do you think they are on the side of the road? They are waiting for a bicycleist to meet a car on the road and well….you heard of popcycles?

omg… can you believe someone would pee in the pool…..(~_~)

I guess someone doesn’t like winter. I can just imagine some father telling his son, “Okay, no school today because of the snow, No nintendo/x’box or TV today, your gonna spend all day shoveling the driveway.

Not to tell my age, but I recall when gas was 75 cents a gallon. I had read where they tried to get a hold of the gas companies CEO to let them know about the oil spill they had and it took them days to find him cause he was on a yaht traveling around the world on a 3 month vacation. This is serious buisness because the price of fuel effects every shipment in the nation, even condoms.





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