Friends with humor

A bad attitude is like a flat tire, your not going very far until you change it.

When your working and you come in contact with your co-workers, it’s the positive energy that makes the difference. I always say it is the one’s you work with that make or break your day. Yesterday, some co-workers were sharing some thoughts and humor that made the day tolerable. One co-worker shared this;

He had heard that if you drink nothing but water and eat lots of fish, that you’ll live a long life. But with consideration, a whale drinks nothing but water and eats lots of fish and it is extremely fat. He had also heard that if you drink water and eat a lot of vegetables and exercises a lot you’ll live a long life, but then again so does a rabbit and it only lives for ten years or so. Then he decided he would rather be like a turtle, they eat what ever they want and live for hundreds of years and never have to excercise.

I had to reply, that I have read where; your ears and nose never quit growing. So, if you lived for hundreds of years, imagine what you’d look like. Big ears and a very large nose. With the way hair loss is with age, chances are you’d have no hair.

Another co-worker mentioned he would rather be like a crawfish. The little creature could stand in the middle of a highway and with an eighteen wheeler barreling down on it, it will raise its two pincher’s upward and stand ready for the fight. I had to add that, crawfish are a coons favorite meal, not to mention man.

So, that sparked a reminder; I had to tell of how my dog barks like crazy every night about the same time. I figured out it was a coon. What this coon does is, comes crawling around the house where the dog is and lets himself be seen, the dog goes crazy, pulling on the chain and barking at the corner of the house where it had seen the coon. While the coon then goes all the way around the back of the house and sneaks up on the dogs food bowl and eats a meal, while the dog is still barking at the corner of the house where it had seen the coon. Pretty fart smeller’s those coons are.


have a humorous day



5 responses to “Friends with humor

  1. haha 🙂 I think I’ll be a turtle TOO!!! (Do your neighbors still talk to you with all that barking going on every night??? 😉

  2. I’m living in the country too, and have to deal with those critters all the time. The worst are the possum. Just large, ugly rats as far as I’m concerned. They eat our cat food.
    I saw you stopped by the litterbox and thought I’d take a peek/see at your site. I’m glad I did. I call my Old Man a redneck/biker. Used to be more biker than redneck, but now I’m a hunting/fishing widow, and the shovelhead don’t move much. 😦 Anyway, I relate well with your humor. Sounds like you have a lot of fun, and I’m gonna drop by once in a while.

  3. zendictive, you are so amazingly productive!

    Yes, raccoons are so smart. We don’t have a dog, but they eat the bird food even though we do our best to make it inaccessible.

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