the funny bone

I don’t know why they call it a funny bone. The bone at the elbow, the one that always seems to get hit. I have never felt that it was humorous when I hit this bone. In fact, it hurts. The only thing funny about it is when someone else hits their funny bone and I get to say, that’s funny.

Now they have the nerve to tell me it is actually a nerve, not a bone at all. You know, it still doesn’t make it funny. How is it we find humor when others injure themselves. You know, I am as guilty as the next. They build entire movie plots around somebody getting hurt in order to make you laugh. Now that is food for thought.

LOOK; they have us eating our funny bones, is that cannibalistic? You and I know that this is made from flour and sugar, but they pinned it with a name from the human anatomy. This makes it more desirable? Now that is food for thought/ or rather food for someone who likes the idea of eating other people, (which is not always a bad thing, depending on what part of the anatomy we place our mouths) So, does it make it any better to say, “I eat at the Y. Hey the YMCA has a buffet today! Breasts, thighs and a funny bone.”

Here’s another one for you, HOT DOGS. Now who in their right mind (not intending to offend our Asian brothers and sisters) would eat a dog. Yet, people actually line up to eat, HOT DOGS.

I had cat tacos once. I worked in California with some crop dusters and we went over the tahachipi mountains to Mohave. We were on the runway (airstrip) when this old Hispanic woman came riding up on her bike/ food cart. I was hungry and ordered two tacos, while the pilot and hanger crew said they were not hungry, which I found was odd since they just got through saying they were hungry. Well I was starved and ate the two tacos faster than a car can loose its tires in the hood. The crew was laughing and told me they were cat tacos. I thought the hamburger seemed strange but well seasoned. I asked the woman what kind of meat she used and she replied, “Ga to!” Mexican for … yep, you guessed it, CAT!


So, now I notice they have a comedy club called; The Funny Bone. I am sure they have some awesome and talented comedians perform there and they are even a franchise chain across the country. But here’s the thing, the funny bone is not funny when it gets hit. That’s all I am saying.


have a laugh today


2 responses to “the funny bone

  1. Wow! Very funny stuff!!
    Wouldn’t have found this except tool at look at your gravatar.

    Have to follow — guess my zendiction just gets more serious yet funnier at the same time….

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