I went to my mother’s whom lives way out in the country. When I turned on the road that she lives on, I was reminded instantly of the house on the corner’s dogs. The minute I turned the corner I saw six or seven dogs jump up from their comfortable sprawled out slumber and they came running. It worries me every time they come barking and nipping at the tires that they might get run over, but they seem to keep just enough safe distance to keep from being harmed.

The kicker here is, these people have a billy goat. A large brown and white goat that always stays on the front porch. It will stand up and look at the car as if it wants to do what the dogs are doing, but it never leavse the porch. Ever heard the expression, “if you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch?” Well that is what comes to mind, every time I see this huge creature that guards the porch like a centurion.

Perhaps the goat knows that if it gives up its spot on the porch, it will loose the ‘king of the hill’ advantage. Or maybe it is like the mafia kingpin, the one who stands back and gives orders, like a general on a battle field. reguardless, this goat has been there for so long now that I am sure it is the leader of the pack. I was leaving my mother’s and noted the same behavior as always, the goat standing up and watching me drive by while its army of canines came and sniffed, nipped and barked till I was away from their turf.



may your goats be fruitful and multiply



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