wendy’s broom

Wendy was at
the “Ye ole Shoppe,”
a morning of
shop till you drop.
She bought a second hand
broom and a mop.
‘She needed them’
she thought.

With her arms full
she walked home along the road.
She said,
“I could use some help, I suppose.”
Then her broom
came to life and arose.
Looped her bags
and carried her load.

“This is Bitchin!”
Wendy said.
As she curiously
scratched her head.
Walking along
a floating broom.
That carried her things
to her room.

The broom kissed the mop
as it laid it down.
Scattering ‘goodie’ bags
all around.
Wendy was amazed
at what she had found.
Tired from shopping
she decided to lay down.

The broom zoomed beside her
and laid down as well.
Wendy figured
the broom’s under a spell.
She rolled over
and fondeled the tiny bristles.
The Broom began to hum
and then whistle.

Then like a hummingbird
it flew about the room.
Wendy shouted,
“Are you possesed little broom?”
The broom shot to Wendy
with a quick zoom!
The coo coo clock chimed
that it was now noon.

That sound sent the broom
into a heated frenzy.
Spread out it’s bristles
that were tathered and frizzy.
The long wooden shaft
swelled and then grew.

She laid back
with a smile like a coon.
The broom laid beside her
in one quick zoom.
Back to hard wood and bristle
whistling a tune.
Her new bed buddy
Wendy’s, Bitchin Broom!



have a happy halloween



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