I don’t know
but I’ve been … oh,

I will not rhyme …I will not rhyme
I will say this, one thousand …

I have been told I have a disease
I need some help pretty …

My poems all seem to want’a Rhyme
I seem to write these poems all the ..

There is no cure I have been told
nothing short of good ole self-

I plan to tackle this problem I have
then my poems won’t be so darn …


A burglar is breaking into a home, and as he comes into the living room he hears: “God is watching you.”

Upon hearing this he looks around the room and sees a parrot in the corner and says: “What is your name?”

The bird replies, “Moses.”

The burglar laughs and says: “What kind of an idiot names their parrot Moses?”

And the bird replies, “The same idiot who named his Rottweiler, God.”



A man was in a bar and needed a light for his cigarette. The man next to him pulled out a long, thin lighter such as the first man had never seen before. The first man asked the second man where he got it.

The second man said, “There is a genie living in a bottle next to the river. If you go there and rub the bottle, the genie will grant you one wish.”

The first man found the bottle near the river and rubbed it. The genie appeared and said, “I will grant you one wish.” The man thinks for a while and says, “I want one million bucks.”

The genie says, “It is done. Go home and in one hour go look out of your window into your front yard.” After an hour, the man looked outside and all he saw was DUCKS everywhere.

The man was irate. He went back to the bar and said to the man with the lighter, “I am so disgusted. I found the genie, but instead of one million bucks, that genie gave me one million DUCKS.

The other man said, “You think you’re disgusted. Do you honestly think I asked that genie for a nine-inch BIC?”




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