Hong Kong Phooey

I watched Hong Kong Phooey growing up. I was boxing and studying Akido before I was 9, on the air force base in Panama. So I grew up partial to martial arts. I even became partial to asian martial art films when I was growing up and I would actually turn the volume down and make up words as the movie went along. It was easier to endure than watching their mouths move differently than the dialect. Which has become a comedians favorite criticism.

I was suprised the other day when my daughter came home from school and changed the channel (her T.V. time, till 6:00 pm then it is family T.V. time, which usually means ‘Two and a half men.’) but there it was, Hong Kong Phooey still aired, After all these years it is still on television, I think it won’t be long and it will be a movie. Hey, they’ve made a movie about nearly everything else.

So while I was researching this for this post I find out that Eddie Murohy is going to be/ or is the new voice for Hong Kong Phooey, so, is there a movie coming? …. this is what I found… Here!

@ Spill.com

Any goodwill that Eddie Murphy may engender with his return to adult humor in the upcoming comedy ‘Tower Heist’ may very well soon be flushed away with the actor’s return to voice acting in the *shudder* live-action/CG hybrid ‘Hong Kong Phooey’. That’s right, the ‘Shrek’ and ‘Mulan’star has signed on to Alcon Entertainment’s adaptation of the short-lived Hanna Barbera cartoon series about a lowly janitor dog who becomes a kung fu-fighting hero. 

While the original cartoon only lasted a single 16-episode season, the character has remained a persistent fixture in pop culture in the years since. The cartoon centered around mild-mannered Penrod “Penry” Pooch – a lowly janitor at the local police department under the strict eye of Sargeant “Sarge” Flint. When danger called, Penry would leap into a nearby filing cabinet and transform into Hong Kong Phooey, the not-at-all-racist (and extremely accident-prone) crimefighter. Originally voiced by vocal talent extraordinaire Scatman Crothers (aka Jazz the Autobot in the original Transformers cartoon), in this new version Murphy will supply the voice for a regular, ordinary dog who accidentally stumbles into a secret ceremony and is granted mystical powers, including the ability to walk, talk and do kung fu. Under the guidance of his master, Penry dons a costume and fights crime alongside his cat sidekick, Spot.




3 responses to “Hong Kong Phooey

  1. I always loved the cat, Spot. I’m shocked that Hong Kong Phooey only had 16 episodes. Really, it seems like there were more than that. Just goes to show things really are bigger when you are young.

    Love this side of you Art.

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