the very strange

Here I was, as usual, surfing the internet, looking for a laugh (cause laughter is the best medicine after a hard week of stress and tension at work) and I came across these bazar pictures that was listed under funny. I don’t know that they are funny, unless my emotional compass is screwed up or something. But very strange they are indeed.

Now when I was growing up, my mother always told me, “Not to make fun of other people.” and “It is not polite to stare.” and knowing my mother she would probably say, “monsters are people too!” Then again you’d have to know my mother. Have you seen the commercial; Axe, for men; where the women fall from heaven and have wings on their backs, well that is probably how my mother got to earth. Growing up, all my friends would say, “Wow, your moms beautiful,” then druel.

Now I think that would be funny. To be sitting at a bistro, drinking a cup of latte (I have never tried a latte) and all of a sudden angels start falling out of the sky. You would think tha as far as heaven is, (what fifteen miles to outer space) by the time they landed they would look like this.

and they would lay it out like this…

have a good day


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