While having Thanksgiving, we talked about my brother who didn’t make it for the festive meal due to living so far away, “New York”, my lil girl always places her hands on her face and says, “New York City” (like the commercial) everytime she hears the word, New York.

But my Aunt was there, reminding us of some of our child hood memories. My Aunt use to own the Motel and Marina down in Port Mansfield, Tx. We would go there for summers when we were kids, great memories there. But she told of when my brother was asking how diamonds were made. Well, she said, God takes a piece of coal and puts a lot of pressure on it for a long time and it becomes a diamond. She stated that weeks went buy till she went looking for her big dictionary. Low and be-hold she found it with fifteen other books stcked up on top of a piece of charcoal from the BBQ pit, trying to make a diamond.

Then there was the time we went there one summer and me and my brother would fish at night, catching ribbon fish and selling them to the marina for bait. Well, my brother got sick for nearly two weeks and when he got better we all went to Raymondville, Tx, to the movies, my brother and I were talking about going fishing for ribbon fish when we got back. My Uncle stated that the marina will be closed when we get back so we won’t be able to get any bait for fishing. My brother says, no problem, before he got sick he had put a bag of shrimp in his draw and he would use them. Shrimp in a drawer for two weeks? Oh My God! Miss ya Bro!


Little Johnny and Katie are sitting in school.

Katie is sleeping and the teacher asks her a question.

“Katie, who created Heaven and Earth?” Little Johnny sees Katie sleeping and quickly pokes her with a sharp pencil.

“Jesus Christ almighty! !” Exclaimed Katie.

“Correct.” Says the teacher.

So the next day the same incident occurs and the same question comes up “Who created Heaven and Earth?” Katie (Again sleeping) is poked by Little Johnny’s pencil “Jesus Christ almighty!” she exclaims.

“Correct again.” Says the teacher.

So the next day, for a 3rd time, The teacher asks Katie “What did Eve say to Adam when she had so many children?”

Katie (again sleeping) is poked by Little Johnny’s pencil again, and screams “If you stick that thing in me one more time I am going to crack it in half!”


My sister is so dim she thinks that a cartoon is a song you sing in a car.

My sister went on a crash diet. Is that why she looks a wreck ?


Peter: My brother wants to work badly!

Anita: As I remember, he usually does !


My brother’s just opened a shop.

Really? How’s he doing?

Six months. He opened it with a crowbar.


So you are distantly related to the family next door, are you?

Yes- their dog is our dog’s brother.


Dan: My little brother is a real pain.

Nan: Things could be worse.

Dan: How?

Nan: He could be twins !


The math teacher saw that little Johnny wasn’t paying attention in class. She called on him and said, “Johnny! What are 2 and 4 and 28 and 44?”

Little Johnny quickly replied, “NBC, FOX, ESPN and the Cartoon Network!”







have a day of brotherly love



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