Egg Nog

Growing up, I was told that Egg Nog was good for the noggin’ but when we drank too much we got a head ache. I have never been a fan of egg nog but always seem to sip a little when offered.

If you see a fat man …
Who’s jolly and cute,
wearing a beard
and a red flannel suit,
and if he is chuckling
and laughing away,
while flying around
in a miniature sleigh
with eight tiny reindeer
to pull him along,
then lets face it…

Your eggnog’s too strong!!!


NyQuil comes in two colors, red and green. It’s the only thing on the planet that tastes like… red and green! And red and green are what? Christmas colors! That’s right, NyQuil makes a dandy eggnog. Oh yeah, my friends bitched through the whole party, “This tastes like s**t!” But at the end of it, we had a fun sleepover.  Lewis Black


It was Christmas and the judge was in a merry mood as he asked the prisoner,”What are you charged with?”
Christmas Santa
“Doing my Christmas shopping early”, replied the defendant.

“That’s no offense”, said the judge. “How early were you doing this shopping?”

“Before the store opened.”


enjoy your day



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