chewing on it…

Scientist have stated that:
Chewing gum expands the mind!

I went and bought a gum ball machine!
I should wear a hat size … the size of Long Island by next year.

At the rate I am … chewing gum
to expand my minds,
I won’t have any teeth by next year
but I’ll be smart enough to make a pair!

White, yellow, blue and green
I hear it has the power
to help some quit smoking~~
Red, orange, pink and black
I buy them by the sack!

Walking and chewing gum simultaneously.
I am hoping it will work
for the little brain…as well!

I got the Wigglies from some juicy fruit
and it was bubble-licious
me and my chic-let loose
and my spear-ment well!

I am getting smarter,
I learned that gum comes from trees
so I planted a couple green gum balls
and I am excited to see what happens.

I may not be the brightest color gum ball,
but perhaps one of the most colorful





have a colorful day



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