beauty is only skin deep

When I got home yesterday, it was late. My wife was on the computer and had to show me a joke she had found. I knew right away I wanted to post it on this blog.

It is about beauty. There are several sayings about beauty, like: beauty is only skin deep. So if this is true, then we only like the outer layers of people? I suppose it would be hard to kiss and love on a skeleton. Or; beauty is in the eye of the beholder. With that being said then pigs like the way a pig looks? Or is it they have no choice, all pigs look alike?

What about a skunk? Do skunks like the smell of other skunks? Or is it the stripe down the back that they are attractd to. It is not always beauty that attracts us to another, perhaps personality or sensuality or for the fact they make the other laugh. This is a very interesting topic for some how we all become attracted to something in another and become married or with some one because they have something we like or want. (grin)


There was a guy in a grocery store, shopping with his wife. The guy sees that the beer is on sale for 10.oo$ for 24 beers so he puts it in the shopping cart.

His wife asks, “What are you doing?”

“The beer is on sale. It is a great price.” He replies.

“Put that beer away. Your not buying that today!” She barks. So the guy puts the beer back where he got it from.

A little ways farther in their shopping, the woman puts a small jar of cream in the buggy. The man asks, “What is this?”

“Beauty cream,” she replies. “It is on sale for twenty dollars and you want me to be beautiful… right?” The man thinks a moment then states.

“I could have made you beautiful for ten dollars worth of beer, half the price!”

Then there is a call over the loud speaker, “Clean up on isle seven!”




have a beautiful day



2 responses to “beauty is only skin deep

  1. Cute !!!! Very Cute —– Insightful – “iN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER ” Bright —— Very Bright Art ……….
    We choose to see what we want To see – and admire what we like – for a reason – laughing at the skunk part !
    But it’s true . It’s Intrinsic ……
    You and Your wife Have a beautiful Day !!!!!!!! Hear me over there in Texas ….:) 🙂 🙂

    smiling xx Cat

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